How To Have a Self Care Day

There are days where I need to be able to take a step back and really focus on getting myself back to a good place and to make sure I’m taking care of myself. In the specific area that I reside there’s a very unique culture. Part of this culture is that if you are having a tough time or if you are unhappy/sad/depressed/anxious etc. then the cure is to stop focusing on yourself and to put your mind to service. This has it’s place, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think this is the answer every single time. It’s actually a really good thing to be aware of where you’re at emotionally so that you know where your limits are. This is called mindfulness and it’s a beautiful thing. So I’m just going to say this right now, IT’S GOOD TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. You do not need to feel selfish for taking a break to extensively work on taking care of yourself. You don’t have to feel selfish for taking a long break for it or for just taking an hour everyday to make sure you’re doing okay. This is healthy and really the only way you can help people is if you’re doing alright yourself. FullSizeRender

So the reason I’ve decided to write this post is because, in case it’s not obvious, I need to take a “shut the world out and get myself healthy” break. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize that my body was screaming at me to relax until it was a bit too late and now I’m dealing with the repercussions of that. It’s best to take care of yourself on a regular basis so that it doesn’t get to the point that I’m at where my body is just giving up on everything and anything. It’s basically just like, “I tried, I tried to tell you that you were going downhill and you didn’t listen to me so now fuck you.” So whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or a combination of the above, taking a self care hour/day/week/whatever you need, is essential.

I’m going to be taking a week to try and get better so I thought it would be a cool idea to put on here the different methods I have of getting myself back to a healthy place. So each day I’ll be doing something and I’ll just throw it on here to track how it’s going for me. I have activities that I do, DIY projects and like “spa” recipes (I don’t know why but that sounds so lame) that I’ll put on here. I have recipes of comfort food and easy quick meals to go along with it and some ideas of how to take the time needed to get yourself back on track.

As today is Monday and thus the first day of my self care week I have my list of what I’d like to do to get the ball rolling. So if you’re reading this and taking ideas from it of what you could do just know that I’m taking a longer than usual break for it and if you’re doing just a day thing then I’ll be putting a lot of different ideas on here throughout the week that you can borrow from.

Why am I needing to do this? Really the first thing to do when you decide to have a self care day is to think about what it is you need. Do you need to take a step back and be alone or do you need to reconnect with the people in your life you care about. Do you need to relax and be uber lazy or do you need to roll your sleeves up and get things done. All of these are self care methods so it’s important to know what you’re needing. Look at the point of the stress and see what’s causing it then address that. For me, I’ve done varying methods of the above. This week however it’ll be more of the relaxing and recuperating self care. Yay! So here’s my Monday self care project 🙂

Prep for relaxation! Today I’m going to wash my sheets and blankets and then tidy things up. I don’t know about you but I need to have a clean environment to be able to relax. So for me, cleaning is part of my self care. I also like to put things in my room that are relaxing or calming. I’ve made tissue paper flowers to put into vases, I grabbed a pot of water and threw some orange rind in it with cloves and cinnamon sticks. I’ll let it boil then pour it into a pitcher and keep it in my room so it smells lovely and relaxing. Today I’ll go ahead and set up my relax spot on my favorite chair by taking the freshly washed blankets and piling them together with pillows so it’s a mound of happiness and joy. I also make sure to take care of any responsibilities before I get started so that I have no stresses for the rest of my day. If needed, go ahead and let your family or roommates know that you are going to be taking some time and you need to be alone for a while. They should respect that. My mother will not but I have learned how to handle that. She has a sixth sense where if I need to be alone she suddenly needs errands run and things taken care of and siblings dropped off. If you have someone like this, it can be hard but square your shoulders and stand firm in your resolve to keep this time for yourself. Unless it’s an emergency, they can figure it out.

-Wash any blankets/sheets you’ll be using
-Tidy up the room, anything from deep cleaning to simply putting stuff away
-Find things to put in your room that will encourage a relaxing and serene environment. Here’s a tutorial on making paper flowers:
and here’s a tutorial on stove top aromatherapy:
-Take care of any responsibilities so your day is free and without stress
-Tell your family/roommates that you need time or space to yourself

Alright, so that’s my list for what I’m going to do today. Like I said, I’ll be updating this on the different DIY tools and recipes I use to have a successful self care break.



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